7 Most Beautiful Haathphool Trends In 2020

From gesturing Namastes to tossing rice at the end of the ceremony, your hands surprisingly capture as many eyeballs as your wedding lehenga. Therefore, it’s significant to beautifully adorn your hands with ornaments and accessories to get those picture-perfect bridal hands.

The perfect hand accessories such as the Hathphool add an enchanting appeal to the bride’s hands. Worn by the queens and princesses in the ancient ages, this traditional piece of jewellery has been around for decades, and now has become a popular part of the bridal couture.

Haathphool is a single elaborated ornament with ring(s) to be worn on the fingers that are connected to a bracelet gracefully enveloping the wrist. Worn on both or either of the hands, thesegive a chicer look to your gorgeously elaborate mehndi designs. These days, simply-designed hathphools are being paired with indo-western outfits to give them a contemporary yet regal flair.

Be it the floral bespoke ones which you can wear at your mehendi or haldi functions or bejewelled ones for bigger functions, hathphools have become an integral part of the bridal hand jewellery and for a good reason.

Most often lavishly studded with diamonds in white gold and platinum crust, haathphools make stunning appearances along the brides’ wrists. Let’s have a closer look at the most beautiful Haathphool trends in 2019:

I. Kundan Bridal Hathphools

The specially handpicked kundan jewellery adds that extra bit of radiance to a bride’s couture. The elegant Kundan Hathphools demonstrate art, heritage, craftsmanship and hard work that goes in crafting the usually heavily embellished bridal jewellery. The Kundan hathphools add a chic factor to the ensemble and look gorgeous on henna hands.

Kundan hathphool design for indian brides

Source: Bollywoodshadis.com

The Kundan jewellery consists of the glass stones – rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. These are intricately set into the base which is known as Kundan.

Why you should opt for Kundan Hathphools:

  • Gives an ancient feel to the attire
  • Looks extremely gorgeous and graceful
  • Budget-friendly because the content of gold is less as it’s mostly about the stones

A perfect option for brides who are looking for something extremely graceful at a reasonable price.

II. Polki Bridal Hathphool

What is Polki? These are uncut diamonds in their pure form, used exclusively for making bridal jewellery. The process of making Polki is much like that of Kundan jewellery, however, being the purest form of diamonds, it’s extravagantly priced.

Polki Bridal Hathphool design for indian brides
Source: Pinterest

Polki bridal hathphool, with the pure antique finish perfectly add that regal ethnic sheen to a bride on her wedding.

Why you should opt for Polki Hathphools:

  • Lustre and Shine is greater than Kundan hathphools
  • Looks extremely royal and classy
  • Because you can afford them *Pun Intended*

While Kundan and Polki both have elaborated meenakari and enamel work on them in varying colours, either of them also looks great with uncut rubies, sapphires and even emeralds.

III. Jadau Bridal Hathphool

Jadau is often misinterpreted as a form of jewellery, however, it’s a technique used in precious jewellery making such as Kundan and Polki.

Where to find the best Kundan and Polki Hathphool?

Jaipur and Hyderabad are renowned for their Kundan, Polki and Jadau jewellery.

IV. Floral Hathpool Jewellery

For the pre-wedding ceremonies such as Haldi and Mehndi, brides often shy away from wearing heavy and elaborate gold embellishments. They vouch for rather simpler yet impressive Floral jewellery.

Floral Hathphool design for indian brides
Source: T2 online

The Floral Hathphools not just enhance the beauty of the hands, but also add a colourful flair to the mehndi attire. It further accentuates the depth and intricacy of Henna by manifolds. From Bipasha Basu inspired Floral Tiaras and Floral Hathphool made of fresh roses, Jasmine and Mogra to Hollywood celebrities wearing bracelet made of soft pink flowers and ribbon, Floral Hathphools are quite a blazing trend.

Flowers have been the idealist option for these occasions with majority of brides favouring a rather fresh and organic tune with the mehendi theme. And hence, our next favourite hathphool design, the Floral Hathphools.

V. Gotta Hathphool Jewellery

Move over the kundan, diamonds, Polki – Gota Hathphool is definitely the new favourite for pre-wedding ceremonies.

With the beautiful Gota Hathphools, you can keep your hands feeling light, and your style heavy-on-point. Whether you are wearing a lehenga for your engagement, a saree for the cocktail or an Indo-western dress for the sangeet, Gota Hathphools will complement every dress of yours. 

Gotta Hathphool design for indian brides
Source: Etsy.com

Above and beyond, they’re less delicate than Floral Hathphools, and hence easier to carry.

VI. Mirrorwork Gota Hathphool

An extension to Gota Hathphools is the Gota Mirrorwork Hathphool. Gota jewellery can be customised as per your outfit designs, embroidery and the individualistic requirements.

Mirrorwork Haathphool deisgn for Indian brides
Source: Izyaschnye

Being lighter in weight, there are a lot of possibilities one can experiment with Gota jewellery such as creating detailed mirrorwork Hathphools. It adds a more Rajasthani and Gujarati look to your attire. 

VII. Mesh Hathphool

Geometrical patterns and intricate craftsmanship make these gold/silver toned Mesh Hathphool a ‘need-now’ staple for your jewellery box. Add an elaborate touch of metalwork and lovely pearls, and be sure to get rather photogenic hands, and compliments from guests. 

Styling Tip: Think vintage silk sarees for an ultimate ethnic charm with Mesh hathphool jewellery

Source: Anonymous

So brides, think twice while choosing your Bridal and Mehndi hand jewellery from this bundle of amazing options!

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