Ritika Bhateja Vogue Vista

My name is Ritika Bhateja and my Super-Power is Creative Problem Solving (quite literally🤩!)

Holding over 10 years of experience working with renowned brands such as the Alco-Bev FMCG Pernod Ricard – Chivas Regal, Absolut Vodka, Real Estate – Trump Towers, WIBC, OYO, FlowerAura and many others. I have worked with over 70+ clients across USA, UK, Canada, Dubai and India.

I have been a part of conceptualising and bringing to life the brand stories and what they stand for. I have crafted campaigns that inspire action and take the customers on the journey with the brand. 

I have also worked with startups and SMBs to help them identify the most powerful points of leverage to grow their business. And here lies my most enthralling experiences and expertise and passion.

When not on a beach vacation 🏖️ 🌊 or reading about the current digital trends📈, you will find me demystifying mythology and its lessons. A firm believer in ‘your Thoughts become your Reality’, I’m on a secret mission to spread positive vibes✨ Shhh! 



Whether you are adding value to your existing marketing team or driving growth as a strategic consultant or partner, I can help you🤝. Together, we can analyse your current situation, define your challenge points, and devise a strategy that will increase your sales 🛍 significantly.