Ritika Bhateja Vogue Vista

My name is Ritika Bhateja and my Super-Power is Creative Problem Solving (quite literally🤩!)

Holding over 10 years of experience working with renowned brands such as the Alco-Bev FMCG Pernod Ricard – Chivas Regal, Absolut Vodka, Real Estate – Trump Towers, WIBC, OYO, FlowerAura and many others. I have worked with over 70+ clients across USA, UK, Canada, Dubai and India.

I have been a part of conceptualising and bringing to life the brand stories and what they stand for. I have crafted campaigns that inspire action and take the customers on the journey with the brand. 

I have also worked with startups and SMBs to help them identify the most powerful points of leverage to grow their business.

When not on a beach vacation 🏖️ 🌊 or reading about the current digital trends📈, you will find me demystifying mythology and its lessons. A firm believer in ‘Your Thoughts become your Reality’, I’m on a secret mission to spread positive vibes✨ Shhh! 



Whether you are adding value to your existing marketing team or driving growth as a strategic consultant or partner, I can help you🤝. Together, we can analyse your current situation, define your challenge points, and devise a strategy that will increase your sales 🛍 significantly.