The Vogue Vista LogoThe Vogue Vista is an Online Lifestyle Magazine started with the vision of building a community of like-minded people to help improve one’s lifestyle. It covers trendy fashion, healthy mindset, positive vibes, and all things luxury.


The idea behind the inception of TVV was to be a one-stop solution to all the Luxury lifestyle related questions and then started the journey to the making of The Vogue Vista – Luxurious Lifestyle Magazine.

With an all-embracing Beauty & Fashion Niche inclusive of Makeup, Clothing, Jewelry, Shoes, Accessories to taking care of the Health and Beauty to bring out the fashion oomph in you, we have got all in store for you. The Vogue Vista talks not only about the Contemporary International Trends but also explores ethnic and traditional styles in an archaic manner.

The quick-witted individual behind Vogue Vista is Ritika Bhateja, Global Consultant who possesses an incredible fervor for Positive & Luxurious Lifestyle. She has been an author for numerable Fashion & Lifestyle Blogs and has recently contributed to The Huffington Post.

Ritika Bhateja Influencer

Prepare yourself for the Glam Ride into the World of Luxury Lifestyle with The Vogue Vista!

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