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7 Most Beautiful Haathphool Trends In 2020

Birdal haathphool designs

From gesturing Namastes to tossing rice at the end of the ceremony, your hands surprisingly capture as many eyeballs as your wedding lehenga. Therefore, it’s significant to beautifully adorn your hands with ornaments and accessories to get those picture-perfect bridal hands.

The perfect hand accessories such as the Hathphool add an enchanting appeal to the bride’s hands. Worn by the queens and princesses in the ancient ages, this traditional piece of jewellery has been around for decades, and now has become a popular part of the bridal couture.

Haathphool is a single elaborated ornament with ring(s) to be worn on the fingers that are connected to a bracelet gracefully enveloping the wrist. Worn on both or either of the hands, thesegive a chicer look to your gorgeously elaborate mehndi designs. These days, simply-designed hathphools are being paired with indo-western outfits to give them a contemporary yet regal flair.

Be it the floral bespoke ones which you can wear at your mehendi or haldi functions or bejewelled ones for bigger functions, hathphools have become an integral part of the bridal hand jewellery and for a good reason.

Most often lavishly studded with diamonds in white gold and platinum crust, haathphools make stunning appearances along the brides’ wrists. Let’s have a closer look at the most beautiful Haathphool trends in 2019:

I. Kundan Bridal Hathphools

The specially handpicked kundan jewellery adds that extra bit of radiance to a bride’s couture. The elegant Kundan Hathphools demonstrate art, heritage, craftsmanship and hard work that goes in crafting the usually heavily embellished bridal jewellery. The Kundan hathphools add a chic factor to the ensemble and look gorgeous on henna hands.

Kundan hathphool design for indian brides


The Kundan jewellery consists of the glass stones – rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. These are intricately set into the base which is known as Kundan.

Why you should opt for Kundan Hathphools:

  • Gives an ancient feel to the attire
  • Looks extremely gorgeous and graceful
  • Budget-friendly because the content of gold is less as it’s mostly about the stones

A perfect option for brides who are looking for something extremely graceful at a reasonable price.

II. Polki Bridal Hathphool

What is Polki? These are uncut diamonds in their pure form, used exclusively for making bridal jewellery. The process of making Polki is much like that of Kundan jewellery, however, being the purest form of diamonds, it’s extravagantly priced.

Polki Bridal Hathphool design for indian brides
Source: Pinterest

Polki bridal hathphool, with the pure antique finish perfectly add that regal ethnic sheen to a bride on her wedding.

Why you should opt for Polki Hathphools:

  • Lustre and Shine is greater than Kundan hathphools
  • Looks extremely royal and classy
  • Because you can afford them *Pun Intended*

While Kundan and Polki both have elaborated meenakari and enamel work on them in varying colours, either of them also looks great with uncut rubies, sapphires and even emeralds.

III. Jadau Bridal Hathphool

Jadau is often misinterpreted as a form of jewellery, however, it’s a technique used in precious jewellery making such as Kundan and Polki.

Where to find the best Kundan and Polki Hathphool?

Jaipur and Hyderabad are renowned for their Kundan, Polki and Jadau jewellery.

IV. Floral Hathpool Jewellery

For the pre-wedding ceremonies such as Haldi and Mehndi, brides often shy away from wearing heavy and elaborate gold embellishments. They vouch for rather simpler yet impressive Floral jewellery.

Floral Hathphool design for indian brides
Source: T2 online

The Floral Hathphools not just enhance the beauty of the hands, but also add a colourful flair to the mehndi attire. It further accentuates the depth and intricacy of Henna by manifolds. From Bipasha Basu inspired Floral Tiaras and Floral Hathphool made of fresh roses, Jasmine and Mogra to Hollywood celebrities wearing bracelet made of soft pink flowers and ribbon, Floral Hathphools are quite a blazing trend.

Flowers have been the idealist option for these occasions with majority of brides favouring a rather fresh and organic tune with the mehendi theme. And hence, our next favourite hathphool design, the Floral Hathphools.

V. Gotta Hathphool Jewellery

Move over the kundan, diamonds, Polki – Gota Hathphool is definitely the new favourite for pre-wedding ceremonies.

With the beautiful Gota Hathphools, you can keep your hands feeling light, and your style heavy-on-point. Whether you are wearing a lehenga for your engagement, a saree for the cocktail or an Indo-western dress for the sangeet, Gota Hathphools will complement every dress of yours. 

Gotta Hathphool design for indian brides

Above and beyond, they’re less delicate than Floral Hathphools, and hence easier to carry.

VI. Mirrorwork Gota Hathphool

An extension to Gota Hathphools is the Gota Mirrorwork Hathphool. Gota jewellery can be customised as per your outfit designs, embroidery and the individualistic requirements.

Mirrorwork Haathphool deisgn for Indian brides
Source: Izyaschnye

Being lighter in weight, there are a lot of possibilities one can experiment with Gota jewellery such as creating detailed mirrorwork Hathphools. It adds a more Rajasthani and Gujarati look to your attire. 

VII. Mesh Hathphool

Geometrical patterns and intricate craftsmanship make these gold/silver toned Mesh Hathphool a ‘need-now’ staple for your jewellery box. Add an elaborate touch of metalwork and lovely pearls, and be sure to get rather photogenic hands, and compliments from guests. 

Styling Tip: Think vintage silk sarees for an ultimate ethnic charm with Mesh hathphool jewellery

Source: Anonymous

So brides, think twice while choosing your Bridal and Mehndi hand jewellery from this bundle of amazing options!

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Perfect Outfit To Impress Your Man On A Date

A woman at the beach | the Vogue Vista

Dates are the most exciting thing for both male and female because it is the step that evokes the feeling of love between two. People, especially women, for whom the ‘date’ thing is quite a regular thing, know how to talk, what to wear, what things to do to impress the other person.

But for women who are going on their first date or are really nervous to impress their date, have this one question that perplexes their minds ‘how to impress your partner on a date’.

dress for a date
Via –

For ladies, selecting a perfect dress is for an event is the crux of the matter, especially when it comes to dates. But now you don’t have to worry anymore as there are some perfect outfits that will definitely make the man love you more.

Be a little more glamorous

Glamourous Gown for a date evening

Going to a night party or special romantic night date, pick out something more glamorous to show the best version of you to your boyfriend. Carry an elegant dress with perfect makeup and stilettoes and you are ready to impress your man.

Jumpsuit for your Comfort

Jumpsuit for date ideas If you are looking for a perfect outfit that will take care of your comfort level then there is nothing more comfortable than a jumpsuit. From a casual date to a special one, you can carry a jumpsuit for any kind of date and still maintain your dignity.

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Strapless for Beautiful Arms

dress for a date
Via –

There are a number of stunning strapless tops and dresses that you can wear when you are going to meet your lover. Strapless dresses not only will unveil your beautiful arms but also turn out to be something alluring for a date.

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Expose your Sexy Legs with a Short Dress

dress for a date
Via –

Show your boyfriend your amazing legs with a remarkable dress. A short dress is the one that you can wear for any place may it be a nightclub, a restaurant or a cafe. All you have to do is pick the dress for which you are complimented the most and you are all set for the date.

Wrapping it up

Now, just pick out the best outfit and create best moments with your man.

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Makeup Products Every Indian Girl Should Carry

Makeup is not just a layer on your skin but it’s an art through which you can enhance your natural beauty. You may not be an expert in doing makeup but, you still re very fond of it. Especially for girls in India, there are some products which become necessary to apply as they go out.
So, as a gift to Indian beauty, here are some products which every Indian girl should carry in her purse.

Kajal should always be there

Indian makeup
Via –

Kajal is not only a makeup product but a tradition which every Indian girl love to follow. Elders use to put Kajal in every Indian girl’s eye since the day she was a baby. It is believed that it will make the eye more beautiful and enlarge it.

Lip balm for beautiful lips

indian makeup
As a traditional medicated kajal is essential for the eyes, a lip balm is necessary to take care of your lips. With changing season, lips become more dry and harsh. For such seasonal problems, a lip balm becomes a significant thing to be carried by every India girl.

Eyeliner for magnificent eyes

Anything that cannot be expressed through the mouth, eyes can do the job. And for an Indian girl, its the most significant to decorate. Along with Kajal, eyeliner is also necessary to make the eyes look more mysterious.

Beautify the skin with BB cream

Indian makeup
Via –

However, Indian girls usually have defined skin but somehow, it becomes important to enhance the beauty of the skin. For that purpose, a BB cream is significant, especially when it is applied according to the skin tone and skin type.

Nail Polish for stunning hands

As far as makeup is concerned, a girl should have beautiful hands along with the stunning face. A nail color is not only something that enhances the beauty of hands but, also necessary for nails as it works as a medication. Therefore, it will keep your nails look beautiful and feel beautiful.

Wrapping up

So, no matter how concerned you are about your looks, you should be able to show the world how beautiful you can be with such minimal makeup products.

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5 Best Professional Hairstyles for Office To Make You Look Professional

5-Simple-Office-Hairstyles-For-Women-To-Look-Stylish-And-Professional - Vogue Vista

Looking good is the primary motive of every confident girl but what about looking same each and every day? Going out with loose hair everywhere, even in your workplace might be boring. So, why not try something different with your hair?

Confused with the hairstyle you should go with? We are here to help you. Therefore, here is the list of some comfortable, simple and alluring hairstyles one can choose to have with the professional outfit. So, let’s have a look at them.

Wrapped Ponytail

office hairstyle
A simple and elegant hairstyle, the ponytail is the easiest hairstyle one could ever make. However, when you wrap a strand of your pony around the band, it will give, the simple ponytail, a unique and amazing look. This hairstyle will make you look a professional diva.

No-Slip Bun

office hairstyle

Looking for something that remains still for the entire day? Make two ponytails at the end of your head, twist it and roll it towards each other till you will get a beautiful and simple bun. Secure it with bobby pins and it will stay for long hence, known as

French Roll

office hairstyle
For a beautiful french roll, all you have to do is brush your hair to the left from the back and pin it from the middle to hold it in a place. Then, twist entire hair in the opposite direction until it takes the shape of a cone pointing downwards. Simply, pin the bun and spray on it to make it stay for long. It is one of the most elegant hairstyles you could have at your workplace.

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High Ponytail

office hairstyles
Ponytail has always been the simplest hairstyle one could have that is capable give you solemn look. Where wrapped ponytail plays its role, when it is used in high pony along with puffed hair, it makes it more elegant.

Elegant side braid

office hairstyle
Where a simple braid does a great job as a professional hairstyle, you should try something else too. Experiment with your hairstyle with a number of side braids including regular three-strand fishtail braid, French braid, four strand braid and many other to choose from. Make yourself look more creative with amazing side braids.

As we have been talking about amazing professional hairdo, let us know about the hairstyle you like the most in the comments below.

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Hottest Wedding Trends For Summer 2019


Weddings come with some reasonable reasons to dress up well and flaunt your ethnic wear. It’s a special day for the bride and bridegroom of course. Looking special is on high priority. This year we have some new trends in the wedding collection. Let’s look at what 2019 has for the beautiful bride and groom.

Celestial Inspired Theme

A beautiful gown with stars aligned and accessories that are crystal studded. A beautiful veil, also with stars, will compliment every beautiful bride out there.

Source: Purewows

Striped Lehengas

Striped-Graphic-Lehenga-Sabyasachi-Spring-Summer-2018-An-Endless-Summer-collection-Urbanclap-Weddings (1)
Source: Pinterest

Bold colored striped with a contrasting blouse is a perfect stylish outfit for the wedding celebrations. If not for the D-Day, it will go best for Mehendi or Sangeet. Compliment it with a cool pair of sunglasses and let your hair lose, says Sabyasachi, to give it a playful look.

Oversized Bows

A Faylt By Default - elle-bridal-trends-mega-bow
Source: Pinterest

A simple and elegant dress with a large or oversized bow is in trend for the beautiful brides. It has an Old Hollywood look and some chic feel to it. A beautiful bow will make the bride feel no less than special.


A Fault By Default - Sabyasachi bridal monochrome fashion
Source: Pinterest

A single color from top to bottom! Sabyasachi is of the opinion that it might sound loud, but looks perfect Give it a shot with fluorescent colors as well. Less makeup and minimal jewelry could do great with this outfit. Try to get the groom to wear white to compliment the beautiful color you wear.


A Fault By Default - bridal-trends-capelets
Source: Pinterest

Layering your pretty wedding gown with a beautiful capelet can add texture and interest to your outfit. Choose from a wide range of designs to suit your gown and liking. And this idea might be the best for the brides who tend to feel cold most times.

Multichromatic Lehengas and Sarees

A Fault by default - ritu-kumar-indian-bridal-dresses-collection-2-indian-wedding-dresses-designer
Source: Bouvination

Ritu Kumar’s bridal collection this year has multichromatic hues in a single piece. Her lehengas and sarees have shades of pink, purple, pastel orange, pastel red and so on.

3D Florals

A Fault By Default - bridal-trends-3dfloral
Source: Elle

Adding some dimension to your dress, 3D flowers are for sure to make the wedding outfit look prettier and fancier. Go beyond an ordinary wedding gown and pick this one to make sure people can’t take eyes off the beautiful bride and of course her special wedding dress.

Fluttering Sleeve

A Fault by Default - Bridal-trends-flutter-sleeves
Source: Pinterest

These fancy and flattering sleeves will add some movement to your wedding dress. When you walk past people, let the wind blow through your sleeves and create interest. Opt for a cut off sleeve or ruffled cap sleeve. Bring out the bohemian bride in you.

Keep up with these wedding trends of 2019 to rock the weddings lining up on your calendar, be it your friends’, cousins’ or your own.

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Different Kinds of Blouse Back Neck Designs with Borders

You selected the gorgeous designer saree from the celebrity inspired catalogs, and the next exciting thing that pops in your mind instantaneously is the blouse. The perfect blend of graceful and sensual design is what every woman aspires for her outfit as it helps to enhance the overall appearance of the ensemble.

So, here we are with some of the most fashionable and picture-perfect blouse back neck designs with borders. Go through our designer blouse catalog with excellent patterns, and don’t forget to star it!  

  1. The Sheer Back Blouse

The timeless Sheer back blouse looks stunning in almost all colors and the see-through back adds a sexy yet vintage charm to your saree or lehnga. This sheer black blouse with full sleeves is an example of class, royalty and style.  

Source: Pinterst

You can wear sheer back blouses with almost any outfit (i.e. western or Indian sarees) and on any occasion like a wedding, engagement or cocktail event. Adorn the outfit with minimal accessories —a classic pair of studs, hair tied in a bun and Smokey eyes.

2. Mirror embellished back neck design Blouse

The mirror embellished back neck design blouse adds an elegant touch of ancient tradition to your attire. For those of you who wish to portrait out their beautiful back and waist, it’s an excellent design to wear.

Priyanka chopra in mirror embellished back

These mirrors embellished back neck blouses look best in bright colors such as orange, yellow, pink, blue and green. However, some look excellent with Golden or Silver shimmery Saree.

You can wear these cholis on a saree or even with a pair of faded blue jeans to add a modern twist to your outfit. Edgy, classy and boho – this youthful design is best for mehndi, engagements and other glitzy events.

3. Pot Neck back blouse design

As the name suggests, these blouses have a pot-shaped back neckline. Albeit common, this design has never gone out of fashion. Because of its feminine and elegant design, many women prefer this design in their sarees as well as suits.

Pot Neck back blouse design
Source: Youtube

With attached dori and latkans, this is a classic design for cheerful festivities such as Navratras, Mehndi and Ladies Sangeet. You can accessorize it with jhumkis, hair updo and potli purse.

4. Rocket cut back blouse pattern

With the Rocket cut back neck blouse design, you can show off your slender back. This is a bold and modern cut design which will add an elegant charm to your saree. This design works best on silk sarees, and is well-suited for leaner and taller women.

Rocket Cut Back Blouse Pattern
Source: Vogue

At the time of stitching, you can ask your tailor to embellish the back with either sequins or colored piping. A lace border or delicate applique will also enhance the look of the blouse. You can wear this design to any family occasion or a casual party.

5. Butterfly back neck blouse design

The butterfly back design can ideally be donned by all ages and can be used to add a modern and chic look to any saree, suit or lehenga. It has a unique eye-catchy design which helps to balance out heavy shoulders and provides an overall balanced look of the wearer.

Butterfly back neck blouse design
Source: Bling Sparkle

These designs can be further embellished using decorative piping on straps, colored Doris or delicate lace on the borderline of the neck. Ideally suited for curvaceous women, these designs are best worn during weddings or parties.

6. Boat Neck Back Blouse Design

This is another classic back design which suits almost every body type. A deep boat shape is cut on the back and it provides a slimming effect to the attire.

Boat Neck Back Blouse Design
Source: FashionLady

The design can further be enhanced using stonework, decorative piping, sequins, or rich and colorful embroidery. It’s a simple yet an excellent alternative to the old boring back designs and can be worn on cocktail dinners as well as party outfits.

7. String Style Back Neck Blouse Design

Dating back to the 90s, the string style back neck design has been quite a ravishing trend. It gives your blouse the look of a corset top. There are multiple threads in the   back which are tied in a crisscross manner and these ends of the thread can be adorned with tassels or embroidered beads.

String Style Back Neck Blouse Design
Source: Vogue

The big open back provides a slimming effect to the whole outfit and can be worn on silk/ georgette sarees and lehengas during weddings/receptions, anniversary celebrations or cocktail parties. Mostly suited for curvy women for a stylish and sultry look.

Wrapping Up

Even though piping, tassels, brooches, sequins, and mesh can be used to transform a simple blouse, a decorative and intricate design takes the outfit to a whole other level. Of all the designs mentioned above, you may choose any based on the event, and body type.

While making the choice, most significantly remember, comfort is the key to style, and you must feel at ease in whatever you wear. So, go ahead and pick a pattern that defines your style and gives you confidence and pride while you wear it. Also, if you feel confused about choosing the right one, consult a professional designer or fashion expert for guidance.

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Know When It’s Time To Get A Haircut


You may be happy and satisfied with your present hairstyle but have you ever thought of getting a haircut? A haircut is not only meant to re-shape your face but, it is a necessary step to protect your hair from damage. You may want to have a haircut in order to change your look but when it comes to perfect care, your hair is definitely expecting a haircut.

It’s better to have a haircut in certain interval but if you do not know when to have it, we are here to tell you. Here are some signs to know you need to change your hairstyle.

Via –

The core to every problem, split ends

when you had. new haircut, you feel fresh and lively. But as time passes, the ends of your hair start splitting. That is the sign that your hair has started damaging and it’s time to trim it or have a new look.

Via –

Observe if the hair are loosing volume

volume is the most important part of your hair as it makes the hair bouncy and more happening. As your hair needs a new haircut, it starts losing its volume and it will become less bouncy with flat roots.

Your hair might be weak

make a braid and see if you still have that smooth ends you use to have when you had a fresh haircut. Usually, when a haircut is needed, a lot of split ends comes out of the braid and, also, you start having harsh edges which make your hair even weaker.

Via –

Tired of combing your hair due to more tangles

With a fresh haircut, you could even comb your hair using fingers. But, with time, your hair becomes more and more oily even after a hair wash. Apart from it, they remain tangled no matter how much you comb it.

Via –

Bad hair equals to Bad mood

no matter what good things are happening in your life, you are always upset. Just look up. You need to work on your hair. A haircut can simply bring you back to life. Happy hair can make your mood even happier as it will bring a change in your life.

Wrapping Up

So, better have a haircut on a regular basis and see the results in your mood and your look.

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Trendy Clothing Ideas For Plus Size Girls

outfit for plus size

Fashion industry have forward to think about the reality rather than being stuck to norms of fashion. Where we use to see stunning clothes displayed on slim models, now you can have your own fine fashion for your plus size. Nowadays, designers are more concerned about the reality which consist more of plus size figure rather than girls with zero figure.

Give light to your art of fashion by following trendy ways of dressing up. So, for all beautiful plus size girls, here are some amazing fashion tips for you.

Go for full-length outfit

The biggest fear of any plus size girl is that they should always wear the things that are fitted. Instead, you should try something flowy such as a vintage kaftan or maxi dresses as it can present the curves of your body finely.

Feel good in stunning pants


If you are more interested in classy bottoms, try out loose-fitted or baggy pants like peg pants and joggers. Just make sure to pick the perfect pant size that would suit the proportions of your body and should be comfortable.

Invest more in comfy tops

outfit for plus size
Via –

Along with amazing pants, you should choose comfortable tops with broad straps, fine neck length and perfect size. Tees and tanks serve a perfect example for such comfies.

Expose your curves with a flawless dress

outfit for plus size

Plus size includes girls with splendid curves which need to be displayed. This can be done with a flattering dress. Learn to embrace your beautiful curves, especially girls with an hourglass figure.

Pick out any flare and fit dress for any special occasion

If you are still not able to pick something for special occasions then simply go with perfect flare dress. But, learn your body size to select a fine flare dress for your body.

Wrapping up

All you need to know is your body type and shape, as not every plus size girl have the same figure, and you can carry whatever you want to. Also, pick the outfit you are most comfortable in because you’re the more comfortable you are, the more you could keep the outfit longer. So, simply have the confidence for what you wear and embrace your curve body. Source image

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The Unabashed Review – Lakme Eyeconic V/s Maybelline Colossal

Eyes Speak Louder Than Words

Yes Indeed! They are most beautiful part of your body – deep and intense.

Kajal makes your eyes look even more beautiful and goes far in changing your appearance. You can be creative with your eyes using Kajal – make them look soft, bolder, intense or even sensual. A day without it and people start questioning if  you have fallen sick! Certainly!

Among the various brands available in the market, your eyes deserve the best of all. And so here we are with the unabashed review of the top rated and leading brands for Kajal – Lakme Eyeconic and Maybelline Colossal. 

Both these brands are into a continuous war of winning their user’s hearts. The buddy-buddy Colossal is the first of the New Age Kohl (Kajal) to enter the market and continues to be the front runner. On the other hand is the hunky-dory Eyeconic – the arch foe of the Colossal. History says that the Lakme Eyeconic stole Colossal’s girl back in 2011 and things have changed since then!

The war between the two brands continues leaving the girls in a dilemma to pick the best option. So, let’s get down to brass tacks which will help you make your decision for your mysterious eyes easier.

1. Packaging

  • Lakme Eyeconic Kajal

The black twisted-up packaging imprinted with a standard blue Lakme Eyeconic range makes it look really classy and appealing.

  • Maybelline Colossal Kajal

Colossal is candidly packed in an eye-catching and pretty yellow color cover. The packaging itself magnetizes the customers at stores because of its cute color.

2. Texture

maxresdefault (2)
Source- Youtube

  • Lakme Eyeconic Kajal

The texture of Lakme Eyeconic Kajal is soft, creamy and smooth which makes it glide nimbly on your eyes. Being intensely black, just one sweep of it stays on for a long time.

  • Maybelline – Colossal Kajal

It has an amazing pigmentation but requires at least two swipes to get the dark intense black shade in your eyes. Having a more of the matte side. It is not that smooth but not rough either.

3. Longevity

  • Lakme Eyeconic Kajal

Source- BeautifulHumeshaBlog

The company claims it to stay for 10 hrs, which it actually does.

  • Maybelline – Colossal Kajal

Source- Blush

It stays for a good 6 to 7 hours, starts to fade thereafter.

4. Smudge and Water proof

  • Lakme Eyeconic Kajal

lakme vs maybelline kajal
Source- Youtube

It is smudge proof and water proof!

  • Maybelline Colossal Kajal

Most of the girl’s handbags witness this product and being claimed as totally smudge proof and water proof, it has become the best buddy of many girls’ make-up stash. But with personal experience, it sometimes smudges on the oily lids/skins.

5. Shades Availability

  • Lakme Eyeconic Kajal

Source- Everything that matters

It is available in 6 distinct amazing shades – Black, Brown, White, Turquoise-Blue, Grey and Green which makes it a far cry from others.

  • Maybelline Colossal Kajal

Source- Makeup and Fashion Freak

It is available in 5 shades being Black, Turquoise, Silver, Emerald and Jewelled Jade.

6. Price

  • Lakme Eyeconic Kajal

Easily removable with oil based removers, it is easy for your pockets. Currently available at a nominal price of Rs. 180.

  • Maybelline Colossal Kajal

The price is similar to that of Eyeconic Rs. 199 which is again pocket-friendly.

Our Recommendation – Lakme Eyeconic Kajal Vs Maybelline Colossal Kajal

Choosing the right Kajal for your eyes also depends on the type of skin you have. Since price is not a constraint in these two amazingly effective products so the quality counts.

Eyeconic takes over its competitor by providing a deep darker black shade and the number of color options it has. Whereas, Colossal being the first player in the market has an advantage of having loyal customers.

My personal favorite is Lakme Eyeconic Kajal! Do let us know about your choice!


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10 Gorgeous Nail Colors To Glam Up Your Office Quotient

office nail polish

Coco Chanel says, “Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway”. This makes you more confident and responsible to carry yourself to the world like a diva. You may go to your workplace with magnificent trousers and your favorite shirt but you may miss something really important.

Indeed, your outlook doesn’t stop at your clothes but goes to every minute detail, including your hairstyle for office and the nail color you wear.

Even though there are thousands of nail colors that might help you fulfill your fashion goals but you need to know what is important for your professionalism. So, here is the catalog of stunning nail colors for office you can wear.

  1.      Beige

    office nail polish

In the era of nude colors, beige becomes a significant color for your nails. Beige color has been in fashion for so long, especially in shoes and nails colors. Beige color is termed as glamorous but with fewer efforts. The color has the power to define one self at the workplace.

  1.      Royal Purple

    office nail polish

While considering something decent and classy, there has to be something that has the ability to present your inner artist. Royal purple is the nail color for office that will give you the royal look along with the confidence of your professional life you deserve.

  1.      Sandy Brown

    office nail polish

Another shade of nude color, sandy brown is something that girl with any complexion can wear. People will come to know about your earthly nature when they look at your brown nails. When you are bored of a high number of bold and bright-colored nails, nude color works best for office when it comes to maintaining the elegance of your beauty.

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  1.      Scarlet Red

    office nail polish

Love for almost every women, Red has always been the color that can truly define your fashion desires. As far as professionalism is concerned, red color nail polish makes you bold in your professional attire. Red nail color has the courage to define your passion and confident of being a woman. So, show the world your diva side when your red nail will shine at them.

  1.      Light Grey

    office nail polish

Showcase you spontaneous and rebellious attitude with light gray color as it is capable to show your strength. It is the most decent color for the women who are crazy about wearing nail color to office with the touch of black.

  1.      Pale Pink

    office nail polish

However, the feminine color with an elegant touch, Pale Pink color nails will represent your pride for being a professional diva. Pink may seem a girly color but when we consider pale pink nail polish, it gives your hand a very light and graceful look.

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  1.      Burgundy

    office nail polish

Wearing burgundy nail color in your workplace may turn out to be an amazing experience for you woman as it can depict your inner uneasy personality. Also, burgundy or wine is a trendy color and will make you look more confident for new challenges of life.

  1.      Mauve

    office nail polish

Going crazy for the shades of pink and yet want something that can take care of your professionalism? Mauve color is the right choice for you. It will bring about the soft side of your personality along with your strong mien.

  1.    Lavender

    office nail polish

Where one is not fully satisfied with purple, here is another option that can bring out the best of you. Lavender, the color which has the ability to represent womanhood and, at the same time, being little less girly. So, lavender is a good choice for working women.

  1.  Navy Blue

    office nail polish

Finally, here is the color that has the ability to define your boldness. Navy blue is that soothing color which represents your calm attitude and adds more to your style. Like purple color, it can also work on your artistic and professional appearance really well.

Wrapping up

Be the spotlight of your workplace and have the confidence to stand out with your stunning and fashionable appearance.

Let us know your opinion and experience in the comments below.


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Make the Perfect Hairstyle For The New Year Eve Party

Hairstyles for Party Eve

Want to make a perfect hairstyle statement at the New Year Party? Yes. Then, you are at the right destination. Check out this amazing Hairstyle guide that will make you stand out on the New year’s eve.

1. Braided Top Bun


2. Mini-Bouffant with Tiny Braids


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3. Hot Crossed Bun (for Short Hair)


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The Must-Have Shoes For Every Woman

Sexy Red Stilettos for Women - The Vogue Vistas

Shoes to Women are what Angels are to Heaven! That Inevitable Connection!

Good shoes take you to good places. We thought of helping you a little all the right kind of shoes that are a must add to your wardrobe. So, here is what you need – Your guide to the must-have shoes every woman needs to have in her closet.

7. Gladiators

Inspired by the Roman fighters, called Gladiators, these shoes got their name and design. Coming in all shapes and sizes, the straps of these shoes are up to the knee length.

6. Ankle Boots

Winter is Calling! And so are Ankle Boots! These shoes are the perfect choice for winters. They not only give you that edgy look but also provide the much-desired winter warmth.

5. Kolhapuris

This one is for all those lazy-dazy days when you just don’t want to get westernized much – your Indian pride, the Kolhapuris. From jeans to salwar kameez, you can style them up with anything.  

4. Loafers

Loafers have definitely made a comeback. Perfect to go with jeans or even pajamas, loafers are a suitable fit for any casual day out or even a formal party, if styled right.

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