5 Perfect Tricks To Get the Eyeliner Right At One Go

Ladies, you are going to agree with me on this! The trickiest part of the makeup is getting the eyeliner right at one go. Even if you are not looking at nailing the winged liner, there are times that even a simple line doesn’t come clean or even if it does, you still don’t get…

Makeup Products Every Indian Girl Should Carry

Makeup is something most precious for every girl. Especially, when it comes to an Indian girl, a simple makeup works as something to show how beautiful they can be. Know more about makeup products for Indian women.

The Unabashed Review – Lakme Eyeconic V/s Maybelline Colossal

The top rated and leading brands for Kajal – Lakme Eyeconic and Maybelline Colossal are into a continuous war of winning their user’s hearts. The buddy-buddy Colossal is the first of the “New Age” kajal to enter the market and continues to be the front runner. On the other hand is the hunky-dory Eyeconic – the arch foe of the Colossal. History says that the Lakme Eyeconic stole Colossal’s girl back in 2011 and things have changed since then!

7 Signature Beauty Secrets from Priyanka Chopra & Kadarshian’s Make-Up Artist

One of the most-sought after men in the Celebrity Make-up Industry, Mario Dedivanovic holds his signature tutorial every few months in various parts of the world, where he details about the latest trends and shares fascinating beauty tips. Recently, he held his Master class in New York where hundreds of make-up artists and beauty enthusiasts gathered…

How To Get Gorgeous Pink Lips Naturally?

We all desire to have naturally soft, rosy pink and healthy lips. They not only add more charm to the beauty of the face but also indicate the well-being of an individual. Unfortunately, being exposed to harsh weather and polluted environment, our lips lose their natural color and become chapped and darker. To have your…