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The Must-Have Shoes For Every Woman

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Shoes to Women are what Angels are to Heaven! That Inevitable Connection!

Good shoes take you to good places. We thought of helping you a little all the right kind of shoes that are a must add to your wardrobe. So, here is what you need – Your guide to the must-have shoes every woman needs to have in her closet.

7. Gladiators

Inspired by the Roman fighters, called Gladiators, these shoes got their name and design. Coming in all shapes and sizes, the straps of these shoes are up to the knee length.

6. Ankle Boots

Winter is Calling! And so are Ankle Boots! These shoes are the perfect choice for winters. They not only give you that edgy look but also provide the much-desired winter warmth.

5. Kolhapuris

This one is for all those lazy-dazy days when you just don’t want to get westernized much – your Indian pride, the Kolhapuris. From jeans to salwar kameez, you can style them up with anything.  

4. Loafers

Loafers have definitely made a comeback. Perfect to go with jeans or even pajamas, loafers are a suitable fit for any casual day out or even a formal party, if styled right.

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