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7 Lines That Perfectly Describe The Badass Side of Women

Ritika Bhateja Vogue Vista

In today’s dynamic world, independent and strong are the two inevitable adjectives that need to be prefixed in an individual’s description, especially a woman. And indeed, the women today, have redefined their existence and purpose in life.

Yes, I am talking about that inspiring and motivating breed of women who have redefined ‘bold’ and made ‘being on my own’ look sexy:

1. She is simple to understand, as simple as Quantum Physics!

Ritika Bhateja Vogue Vista

2. What’s a queen without her king?, “More Powerful” she replied.

Ritika Bhateja Vogue Vista

3. She knew she’s fat, but in all the right places!

a beautiful and hot woman

4. She adored the color pink, even when men wore it!

5. The World kept asking her to get married! Unfortunately, she was a bad listener!


6. Someone told her Prince Charming is waiting, so she asked him to wait until she’s ready.

woman and man sitting together

7. She tried being a good girl but soon she realized it was not her shot of tequila!

sexy and independent woman

She has the courage to embrace the change and is always up for challenges. She is not ready to settle for less and takes the responsibility of being happy. She is a woman beyond repair! She has fought a battle to reach where she is and there are many more to win. She is the epitome of beauty and the personification of courage. She is the vivid example of ‘emotions and intellect’. She is a Woman.

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10 Gorgeous Nail Colors To Glam Up Your Office Quotient

office nail polish

Coco Chanel says, “Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway”. This makes you more confident and responsible to carry yourself to the world like a diva. You may go to your workplace with magnificent trousers and your favorite shirt but you may miss something really important.

Indeed, your outlook doesn’t stop at your clothes but goes to every minute detail, including your hairstyle for office and the nail color you wear.

Even though there are thousands of nail colors that might help you fulfill your fashion goals but you need to know what is important for your professionalism. So, here is the catalog of stunning nail colors for office you can wear.

  1.      Beige

    office nail polish

In the era of nude colors, beige becomes a significant color for your nails. Beige color has been in fashion for so long, especially in shoes and nails colors. Beige color is termed as glamorous but with fewer efforts. The color has the power to define one self at the workplace.

  1.      Royal Purple

    office nail polish

While considering something decent and classy, there has to be something that has the ability to present your inner artist. Royal purple is the nail color for office that will give you the royal look along with the confidence of your professional life you deserve.

  1.      Sandy Brown

    office nail polish

Another shade of nude color, sandy brown is something that girl with any complexion can wear. People will come to know about your earthly nature when they look at your brown nails. When you are bored of a high number of bold and bright-colored nails, nude color works best for office when it comes to maintaining the elegance of your beauty.

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  1.      Scarlet Red

    office nail polish

Love for almost every women, Red has always been the color that can truly define your fashion desires. As far as professionalism is concerned, red color nail polish makes you bold in your professional attire. Red nail color has the courage to define your passion and confident of being a woman. So, show the world your diva side when your red nail will shine at them.

  1.      Light Grey

    office nail polish

Showcase you spontaneous and rebellious attitude with light gray color as it is capable to show your strength. It is the most decent color for the women who are crazy about wearing nail color to office with the touch of black.

  1.      Pale Pink

    office nail polish

However, the feminine color with an elegant touch, Pale Pink color nails will represent your pride for being a professional diva. Pink may seem a girly color but when we consider pale pink nail polish, it gives your hand a very light and graceful look.

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  1.      Burgundy

    office nail polish

Wearing burgundy nail color in your workplace may turn out to be an amazing experience for you woman as it can depict your inner uneasy personality. Also, burgundy or wine is a trendy color and will make you look more confident for new challenges of life.

  1.      Mauve

    office nail polish

Going crazy for the shades of pink and yet want something that can take care of your professionalism? Mauve color is the right choice for you. It will bring about the soft side of your personality along with your strong mien.

  1.    Lavender

    office nail polish

Where one is not fully satisfied with purple, here is another option that can bring out the best of you. Lavender, the color which has the ability to represent womanhood and, at the same time, being little less girly. So, lavender is a good choice for working women.

  1.  Navy Blue

    office nail polish

Finally, here is the color that has the ability to define your boldness. Navy blue is that soothing color which represents your calm attitude and adds more to your style. Like purple color, it can also work on your artistic and professional appearance really well.

Wrapping up

Be the spotlight of your workplace and have the confidence to stand out with your stunning and fashionable appearance.

Let us know your opinion and experience in the comments below.