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7 Signature Beauty Secrets from Priyanka Chopra & Kadarshian’s Make-Up Artist

Priyanka Chopra Make Up Artist Reveals Her Beauty Tips

One of the most-sought after men in the Celebrity Make-up Industry, Mario Dedivanovic holds his signature tutorial every few months in various parts of the world, where he details about the latest trends and shares fascinating beauty tips.

Recently, he held his Master class in New York where hundreds of make-up artists and beauty enthusiasts gathered to learn amazing beauty techniques he uses on celebrity clients such as Chrissy Teigen, Kardashians, and Priyanka Chopra.

In that 5-hour session, Dedivanovic demonstrated the ultimate levels of perfectionism. We present before you our hot picks from his session – Tips and tricks to ranging from perfecting eyelashes to applying layers of eyeliner.

Here’s your take away from his session:

  1. BeautyBlender is not an applicator, it is a BLENDER

Dedivanovic likes the BeautyBlender, it is like an extension of his hand. “The BeautyBlender really presses make-up into the skin, making it one with the skin. It also absorbs the top layer, taking off excess make-up, so it looks more natural,” said Dedivanovic. He gently bounces it on the face to blend products from foundation and concealer, to contour.

  1. Emollient is good

Dedivanovic prefers to very emollient moisturizers, as it gives bandwidth to use enough setting powder without it looking powdery. “The moisturizer will absorb powder and your make-up will look natural, even if there’s a lot of it,” said Dedivanovic. It works the same for oily skin too.

  1. Cream foundation over any other

Mario Dedivanovic prefers cream foundations more than liquid ones and is a big-time fan of cream foundations. He says, “I love creams, as you can go so natural with them by blending them out, or get full coverage”. Further, the moisturizing nature of cream foundation ensures that your skin doesn’t look cakey, even if you apply more setting powder!

  1. Lines are a Big No!

With Instagram’s trending beauty effects, everyone knows what a cut crease is, but Dedivanovic considers them a Big No. “I love soft and ‘blown-out’ makeup. It has a sexy, romantic feel,” said Dedivanovic. His favorite is a glowing, dewy face, with colors seamlessly melting into each other.

  1. Revamp your Waterline Shade

In Dedivanovic’s world, there’s no space for black or brown kohl. His signature is a golden bronze shade on the inside of the eye. He deepened the bronzed smoky eye he created for the model by using a shimmery bronze pencil in the waterline. “It’s very captivating,” said Dedivanovic.

  1. Master the Art of Painting the Brush

“The amount of pressure you use while applying products will ensure how the make-up looks. Start soft and then intensify if you need more. It’s easier to build than to take away,” said Dedivanovic. For instance, his brushstrokes were feather-light, barely touching the skin as he deepened the shading in the eye crease of the model.

  1. Get that liner right

Dedivanovic prefers matt liquid liners over shiny ones. He normally does three to five layers of eyeliner. He says, “Eye shadows absorb liner, making it look grey after a while. I layer several times so it never gets dull”.  He started with defining the lash line with a waterproof black liner pencil, lifting the lid gently with his finger, working the pencil into the roots. The second coating was of crème gel black eyeliner with an eyeliner brush, followed by a coat of M.A.C Liquid Eye Liner in Boot Black which is a blendable matt black shade.