15 Offbeat Thoughts About Life That Will Surely Make Your Day

There are times when we feel saddened and depressed with adverse situations and unfavorable circumstances. During such conditions, motivation can be difficult to come by, and so are the smiles. These 15 offbeat thoughts on life will surely bring a scintillating smile on your face and will redefine your perspective towards life. 1. We mature…

13 Benefits of Marrying An Imperfect Woman – Like *Myself*

Dear Future Husband, I am pretty sure that I’m not your dream girl (I’m not Deepika Padukone/Alia Bhatt/Jacqueline after all!) but, trust me, I am the girl who will walk with you to achieve your dreams, apart from the one mentioned above *rolls eyes*. I am not perfect, but I’ll make sure that our lives are….