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Motivational Poetry | Is this the best version of ‘YOU’

A woman empowered | the Vogue Vista

As I sit down to pen down my deepest passions,

I breathe a sense of discontentment in the air;

“Close your eyes and tell me what you see”, she said

“Fog in my head”, I said after 10 seconds. 

“Is it the words that you never said?”

“Is it the regret you’ve carried for years”

“Is it their voices strangling you?”

“Is this the best you can be?” she kept questioning.

“I feel lost”, I said

“It is okay to be lost in the hues of life. 

But if you ever feel buried, remember, 

Your bones have grown, 

but what makes them has never changed.

So, Start where you stand”, Nadora said.

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