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Motivational Poetry | Is this the best version of ‘YOU’

A woman empowered | the Vogue Vista

As I sit down to pen down my deepest passions,

I breathe a sense of discontentment in the air;

“Close your eyes and tell me what you see”, she said

“Fog in my head”, I said after 10 seconds. 

“Is it the words that you never said?”

“Is it the regret you’ve carried for years”

“Is it their voices strangling you?”

“Is this the best you can be?” she kept questioning.

“I feel lost”, I said

“It is okay to be lost in the hues of life. 

But if you ever feel buried, remember, 

Your bones have grown, 

but what makes them has never changed.

So, Start where you stand”, Nadora said.

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My Review of the Choco Monarch Cafe, JBR, Dubai

Choco Monarch review by Vogue Vista

The Choco Monarch Coffee Shop is a concept café and chocolataria emphasizing on the growing trend of café which can be easily seen in the Middle East region.

They invited me for an evening to dive into the luscious delicacies – French Crepes, Waffles, Pancakes, freshly baked cakes and array of hot and cold beverages. And being a sugar tooth, how could I say No 😉

I ordered for their speciality Monarch Waffle, a fruit bowl dessert and my favorite Mocha Frappe! And I’ll be honest, it was one of the best waffle experiences for me. They literally transported me to the chocolate heaven. The waffle was freshly baked and drizzled in a thick chocolate syrup and exotic fruits, I totally savored it. I wish you could reach right through your screen and grab a bite! Mmmm…

Strategically located in the Uptown Jumeirah in the J3 Mall and other great location such as busy business district of Deira inside the Al Ghurair Centre Mall, Bur Dubai inside the Computer Plaza & with its expansive menu to offer, Choco Monarch is a must try for the perfect blend of contemporary and innovative delights.

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7 Lines That Perfectly Describe The Badass Side of Women

Ritika Bhateja Vogue Vista

In today’s dynamic world, independent and strong are the two inevitable adjectives that need to be prefixed in an individual’s description, especially a woman. And indeed, the women today, have redefined their existence and purpose in life.

Yes, I am talking about that inspiring and motivating breed of women who have redefined ‘bold’ and made ‘being on my own’ look sexy:

1. She is simple to understand, as simple as Quantum Physics!

Ritika Bhateja Vogue Vista

2. What’s a queen without her king?, “More Powerful” she replied.

Ritika Bhateja Vogue Vista

3. She knew she’s fat, but in all the right places!

a beautiful and hot woman

4. She adored the color pink, even when men wore it!

5. The World kept asking her to get married! Unfortunately, she was a bad listener!


6. Someone told her Prince Charming is waiting, so she asked him to wait until she’s ready.

woman and man sitting together

7. She tried being a good girl but soon she realized it was not her shot of tequila!

sexy and independent woman

She has the courage to embrace the change and is always up for challenges. She is not ready to settle for less and takes the responsibility of being happy. She is a woman beyond repair! She has fought a battle to reach where she is and there are many more to win. She is the epitome of beauty and the personification of courage. She is the vivid example of ‘emotions and intellect’. She is a Woman.

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7 Most Beautiful Haathphool Trends In 2020

Birdal haathphool designs

From gesturing Namastes to tossing rice at the end of the ceremony, your hands surprisingly capture as many eyeballs as your wedding lehenga. Therefore, it’s significant to beautifully adorn your hands with ornaments and accessories to get those picture-perfect bridal hands.

The perfect hand accessories such as the Hathphool add an enchanting appeal to the bride’s hands. Worn by the queens and princesses in the ancient ages, this traditional piece of jewellery has been around for decades, and now has become a popular part of the bridal couture.

Haathphool is a single elaborated ornament with ring(s) to be worn on the fingers that are connected to a bracelet gracefully enveloping the wrist. Worn on both or either of the hands, thesegive a chicer look to your gorgeously elaborate mehndi designs. These days, simply-designed hathphools are being paired with indo-western outfits to give them a contemporary yet regal flair.

Be it the floral bespoke ones which you can wear at your mehendi or haldi functions or bejewelled ones for bigger functions, hathphools have become an integral part of the bridal hand jewellery and for a good reason.

Most often lavishly studded with diamonds in white gold and platinum crust, haathphools make stunning appearances along the brides’ wrists. Let’s have a closer look at the most beautiful Haathphool trends in 2019:

I. Kundan Bridal Hathphools

The specially handpicked kundan jewellery adds that extra bit of radiance to a bride’s couture. The elegant Kundan Hathphools demonstrate art, heritage, craftsmanship and hard work that goes in crafting the usually heavily embellished bridal jewellery. The Kundan hathphools add a chic factor to the ensemble and look gorgeous on henna hands.

Kundan hathphool design for indian brides


The Kundan jewellery consists of the glass stones – rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. These are intricately set into the base which is known as Kundan.

Why you should opt for Kundan Hathphools:

  • Gives an ancient feel to the attire
  • Looks extremely gorgeous and graceful
  • Budget-friendly because the content of gold is less as it’s mostly about the stones

A perfect option for brides who are looking for something extremely graceful at a reasonable price.

II. Polki Bridal Hathphool

What is Polki? These are uncut diamonds in their pure form, used exclusively for making bridal jewellery. The process of making Polki is much like that of Kundan jewellery, however, being the purest form of diamonds, it’s extravagantly priced.

Polki Bridal Hathphool design for indian brides
Source: Pinterest

Polki bridal hathphool, with the pure antique finish perfectly add that regal ethnic sheen to a bride on her wedding.

Why you should opt for Polki Hathphools:

  • Lustre and Shine is greater than Kundan hathphools
  • Looks extremely royal and classy
  • Because you can afford them *Pun Intended*

While Kundan and Polki both have elaborated meenakari and enamel work on them in varying colours, either of them also looks great with uncut rubies, sapphires and even emeralds.

III. Jadau Bridal Hathphool

Jadau is often misinterpreted as a form of jewellery, however, it’s a technique used in precious jewellery making such as Kundan and Polki.

Where to find the best Kundan and Polki Hathphool?

Jaipur and Hyderabad are renowned for their Kundan, Polki and Jadau jewellery.

IV. Floral Hathpool Jewellery

For the pre-wedding ceremonies such as Haldi and Mehndi, brides often shy away from wearing heavy and elaborate gold embellishments. They vouch for rather simpler yet impressive Floral jewellery.

Floral Hathphool design for indian brides
Source: T2 online

The Floral Hathphools not just enhance the beauty of the hands, but also add a colourful flair to the mehndi attire. It further accentuates the depth and intricacy of Henna by manifolds. From Bipasha Basu inspired Floral Tiaras and Floral Hathphool made of fresh roses, Jasmine and Mogra to Hollywood celebrities wearing bracelet made of soft pink flowers and ribbon, Floral Hathphools are quite a blazing trend.

Flowers have been the idealist option for these occasions with majority of brides favouring a rather fresh and organic tune with the mehendi theme. And hence, our next favourite hathphool design, the Floral Hathphools.

V. Gotta Hathphool Jewellery

Move over the kundan, diamonds, Polki – Gota Hathphool is definitely the new favourite for pre-wedding ceremonies.

With the beautiful Gota Hathphools, you can keep your hands feeling light, and your style heavy-on-point. Whether you are wearing a lehenga for your engagement, a saree for the cocktail or an Indo-western dress for the sangeet, Gota Hathphools will complement every dress of yours. 

Gotta Hathphool design for indian brides

Above and beyond, they’re less delicate than Floral Hathphools, and hence easier to carry.

VI. Mirrorwork Gota Hathphool

An extension to Gota Hathphools is the Gota Mirrorwork Hathphool. Gota jewellery can be customised as per your outfit designs, embroidery and the individualistic requirements.

Mirrorwork Haathphool deisgn for Indian brides
Source: Izyaschnye

Being lighter in weight, there are a lot of possibilities one can experiment with Gota jewellery such as creating detailed mirrorwork Hathphools. It adds a more Rajasthani and Gujarati look to your attire. 

VII. Mesh Hathphool

Geometrical patterns and intricate craftsmanship make these gold/silver toned Mesh Hathphool a ‘need-now’ staple for your jewellery box. Add an elaborate touch of metalwork and lovely pearls, and be sure to get rather photogenic hands, and compliments from guests. 

Styling Tip: Think vintage silk sarees for an ultimate ethnic charm with Mesh hathphool jewellery

Source: Anonymous

So brides, think twice while choosing your Bridal and Mehndi hand jewellery from this bundle of amazing options!

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5 Perfect Tricks To Get the Eyeliner Right At One Go

Eyeliner Hacks at The Vogue vista - Ritika Bhateja
Indian Bloggers

Ladies, you are going to agree with me on this! The trickiest part of the makeup is getting the eyeliner right at one go. Even if you are not looking at nailing the winged liner, there are times that even a simple line doesn’t come clean or even if it does, you still don’t get the desired look. And that’s when the search begins trying to find the ways to get eyeliner right.

Listed below are FIVE perfect tricks to get the eyeliner right at one go. You can thank me later!

1. Putting the liner unevenly results in a jagged look. Here’s what you need to do:

Putting the liner unevenly results in a jagged look.

It’s not easy to wipe off that crooked line on the upper lid zillion times before you finally nail it right. So, avoid tugging at the outer corners of your eyes, as this causes the skin to crinkle, resulting in not so smooth line.

Trick: Put the eye-liner with half-closed lids. Point your chin up and while looking down, and then put the liner. In case of a gel liner, use a slanted brush to get a smoother look.

2. Understanding the difference between pencil, liquid and gel.

Girl putting the Perfect Liquid eyeliner

To be honest, it is best to have a collection of all three. Pencil eyeliners are the quickest to put on, therefore, are best to use when in a hurry. When looking forward to a glam look, opt for gel liners.

Personal Favorite: Liquid Liners

Although you need a steady hand to put them, they give a more precise look. For instance, a winged liner can be best put using a gel instead of liquid. Its concentrated pigmentation gives a clear definition at the lash line. And by experimenting with the thickness of the line, you can create a variety of looks.

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3. Stop overdoing the liner on the bottom lid.


Overdoing a dark colored liner or a thick dark liner can make your eyes look smaller. They can also result in under-eye smudges. So, the best way to define your lower eyelid is to use a light pencil. You can also opt for a light brown pencil to get a more subtle look. I personally like the Mac-pro-longwear eye-liner.

4. Get Over the Black And Brown liners. Move On!

girl with a Perfect Blue eyeliner

Black and brown eyeliners are widely used but a little white or nude liners on the bottom lid can work marvels. They can make you look more classy and refreshed. So, turn more heads towards you with different shades of liner.

5. Always make sure to smudge-proof your liner.

Work this out in three steps. First, apply your liner with a tiny brush or a pencil. Second, take a matching powder shadow and slightly trace over the line. Third, put the liner tracing the line again. This helps in keeping the liner from smudging and also helps in making it stay for long.

If you got any other trick to get the eyeliner right or to simply share your favorite eyeliner look, drop a comment below!  

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One Zodiac Sign That Is Not Meant To Be With You Ever

One Zodiac Sign That Is Not Meant To Be With You Ever

I don’t have a reason, I just don’t happen to like her.” Sounds familiar?

Well, it isn’t just the case with you but with most of us. We happen to dislike people for absolutely no reason at all, and truth is, we don’t really care much about the reason. We are unable to get along with them. Nothing about them seems to convince us that they might be likable in any sense.

This happens because our star signs clash and trust me, there’s nothing you can do about it except that you stay aware and keep away from those zodiac signs. It’s better for you to take a step back today than going ahead to marriage, only to have it end in disaster. Likewise, there are times when you tend to like someone and everything seems to be perfect about them. You start acting crazy around your crush. However, I completely understand that it isn’t easy to rationalize our instincts at each moment, so, here astrology comes to your rescue.

Astrology can tell which sign you should stay away from or which sign is not meant for you or which sign are you least compatible with, in fact, astrology can also help you with ways in which you can attract your crush based on your Zodiac Sign.

Let’s find out which zodiac sign is not meant for you.

ARIES (March 21 – April 20)

Cancer Is Not Meant For You

Too blunt and dead in the eye, Aries say things without giving second thoughts. Aries are impulsive and determined. You always need a little breathing space to do your own thing in a relationship.REPORT THIS AD

However, Cancers, on the other hand, are emotional beings and with the traits you possess, you can simply wreck a Cancer’s heart. For you, Cancer would appear to be overwhelming and be suffocating to handle, and for them, Aries would appear to be arrogant and unemotional.

TAURUS (April 21 – May 21)

Sagittarius Is Not Meant For You

Taurus are stable, reliable and stubborn. Extremely dominant and ambitious, you have an eye for beauty. Holding a reputation of being brutally honest, you can be highly insensitive at times because of being upfront in your words.

The one sign that is the least compatible with you is Sagittarius. The phrase ‘free bird’ is absolutely befitting for Sagittarius. They are spontaneous and fanciful. If you get involved with a Sagittarius, there would be a great mismatch of energies, which will eventually come to an end.

GEMINI (22 May – 21 June)

You Are Least Compatible With Virgo

Expressive, quick-witted and intelligent Gemini might be attracted to the fun-loving way Virgos lead their lives, however, Gemini would not appreciate the bluntness and candid opinions of the Virgos. It might come to them as sheer arrogance to a Gemini.

Where Geminis have a reputation of being extroverts and thrive for social interactions, Virgos, on the other hand, tend to be rather reserved with their sentiments. Geminis and Virgos are not opposite but definitely a bad match.

CANCER (22 June-22 July)

 You Are Least Compatible With Aquarius

The CRAB is very unpredictable and temperamental. So, the fear of rejection makes you prone to pain. On the other hand, Aquarians love freedom and are stubborn which makes the sensitive Cancers stay away from them. Cancer, being emotional and warm, seeks love and compassion from Aquarius, which they are not able to reciprocate.

Cancer has a very strong bond with the people they love, they are meant for commitment. However, Aquarius prefers to detach from people and are not good at emotional displays. So, in totality, both do not reflect good compatibility.

LEO: (23 July- 23 August)

Aries Is Not The Right Match For You

Leos are strongly driven by the desire of love and admiration, and you have some kind of royalty in them. You love being in the limelight. But Aries won’t let you have it. They are too egoistic to let anyone steal the limelight.

Aries are energetic and enthusiastic that they tend to put you backstage while they become the center of attention. So, you better have someone who supports you rather than challenging you and putting you on the back line all the time.

VIRGO (24 August- 22 September)

Cancer Is Not The Right Match For You

Intelligent, analytical, precise, Virgos are typically professional in whatever they do. While they criticize others and themselves too if something goes wrong unlike the Cancer. They have confusing personality despite being quite conservative.

Virgo, in the process of reaching perfection, does not care or become inconsiderate of the pain they are inflicting on others. Cancers are sensitive and emotional beings, you can really hurt them and cause them immense pain, which in turn, can be disrupting for you as well.

LIBRA (23 September- 23 October)

Scorpio Is Far Too Dangerous For You

Libra being the kind and gentle one is best skilled socially amongst all zodiac signs. You love peace and harmony. And therefore, in the process of maintaining peace everywhere, you end up stressing yourself.

However, in contrast, Scorpio is way too fierce and intense and love fighting. The commanding and passionate nature of Scorpio makes it difficult for Libra to handle. Scorpio is way too fanatical for Libra.

SCORPIO (24 October- 22 November)

Leo Is Definitely Not Your Partner

Scorpios are mysterious and intense which makes them either sexy or scary. You tend to be drawn towards darkness. Scorpio and Leo are not much different. Both are strongly aggressive and do not believe in compromising or bending, and hence, their union becomes difficult and can lead to sad endings.REPORT THIS AD

Both might be drawn by each other’s fascination, however, the coldness and anger make it difficult for the Scorpio to handle a Leo.

SAGITTARIUS (23 November- 21 December)

Capricorn Is Not Meant For You

Sagittarius, being reckless and impatient, like to wander without any plans.  You are spontaneous and tend to dislike anything or anyone which restricts your freedom to learn. That’s where the problem arises between Sagittarius and Capricorns.

So, the best way to stay with you is to appreciate and respect what you are doing, which is so not the case with Capricorns as they are the complete opposite. Capricorns believe in planning and rehearsing in advance, which is why it is impossible for the two to share same grounds.

CAPRICORN (22 December- 20 January)

 Aries Don’t Walk To The Beat Of The Same Drum

Though Capricorn and Aries are both highly motivated and make their way to reach the goals, still, the path chosen by them is different. Capricorn, being the planner, likes things in structural and organized manner, whereas, Aries are spontaneous in their actions.

And so, a lot of tolerance is needed on both sides to make it till the end, which of course doesn’t happen and therefore, the relationship often ends in a sad and bitter state.

AQUARIUS (21 January – 18 February)

Taurus Is The Wrong Match For You

Aquarius are visionaries and believes in change. You believe that change is very much needed to keep going in life, whereas, Taurus believes in simplicity and sticking to the grounds. Though both are difficult to understand and are stubborn in their opinions, Aquarius still gives high value to others’ opinions.

Taurus, on the other hand, has similar traits but showcase a different attitude towards life which is completely different to Aquarius and this is what brings in the compatibility issues.

PISCES (19 February-20 march)

Maintain Your Distance From The Aquarius

Though in the initial stages of a relationship, it might seem that you are going well with Aquarius, problems will start to cluster in the later stages when the freedom lover, Aquarius does not understand the compassion and affection of Pisces.

You, being sensitive and tender, need someone who can take care of your emotions and sentiments. Conversely, Aquarius needs a less affectionate partner who doesn’t restrict their freedom.

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6 Absolutely Not-To-Do Things On Valentine’s Day

Vogue Vista 6 Absolutely Not-To-Do Things On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here and if you are in a relationship, you must be planning to spend it with your better half! It’s a day when millions of couples showcase levels of extravagance and waste countless amounts on things that don’t even make sense. As a result, all you are left with is empty pockets and to add to it, your partner’s incessant nagging.

So, here’s presenting 6 not-to-do things on Valentine’s Day! For all the happy couples out there, read on!

  1. Presenting a bouquet of Flowers: During Valentine’s the price of Flowers goes high, thanks to their superfluous demand. Instead of spending lump sums on flowers, opt for something useful. One red rose usually has the same impact.
  2. Overkilling The Heart-Shaped. Although, there is a wide assortment of heart-shaped gifts displayed in almost every store, but gifting everything heart shaped is exaggerating the feel of Valentine’s.
  3. Planning An Anonymous Valentine’s Surprise. ‘Really? What’s the point of gifting your partner something anonymously? Adding to the suspense and giving surprise? So, making them feel excited about a secret lover that as per them is not you, is exciting? I see!
  4. Proposing For Marriage Doing something just because that sounds romantic can be adventurous! So, brace yourselves! Rethink the major decisions and do it after analizying the same.
  5. A Simple Dinner Date. Going to a restaurant and eating together – how romantic! Watching 10 other couples doing the exact same thing is, indeed, so idealistic. Come on, plan something better than just a simple dinner time stuff.
  6. Making Pinky Promises. It’s time you grow up and act maturely. What good will those promises do when you are not looking forward to a committed relationship? On the other hand, if you already share one, what is the need of promises? Sounds fair?

If you end up by following the tips and excluding the things that fell under any of the points above, you are definitely going to have a rocking Valentine’s Day!

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6 Simple Yet Chic Ethnic Attires

Ethnic Wear Chic - The Vogue Vista

A bit of sophistication, a bit of class… and voila!

Personally, I have always been a fan of mix and match over buying a complete ethnic attire. It lets me experiment, and also helps me stand out in a crowd.

This gorgeously embellished midnight blue dress with pleated from W for Women
Occasion: Diwali


This beautiful pearl white palazzo Kurta set is from W for Women again.
Occasion: School Friend’s Wedding


This high on glamour Black Saree is from a showroom in Lajpat Nagar market, New Delhi
Occasion: Sister’s First Lohri after wedding


This beautiful pearl white palazzo Kurta is from W for Women again. The blue skirt with silver lining is from FabIndia and the gorgeous (my favorite) duppatta is from The Golden Temple market in Amritsar
Occasion: Friend’s Wedding


I personally loved how I matched this Saree. I had given my measurements in India over the call to the boutique stylist and unfortunately it didn’t fit me well. I traveled from Dubai on the day of function and realized it’s not fitting. Fortunately I had the same colored tube top with floral embroidery from CoverStory with me which I paired with my Saree. Shshsh!

Occasion: Cousin’s Shagan Night


This gorgeous piece of Wine colored neck embroidered detailed Kurta set is from Mina Bazaar, Dubai.
Occasion: Cousin’s Wedding

Which of these dresses did you like the most? Comment below!

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15 Offbeat Thoughts About Life That Will Surely Make Your Day

15 Offbeat thoughts - The Vogue Vista

There are times when we feel saddened and depressed with adverse situations and unfavorable circumstances. During such conditions, motivation can be difficult to come by, and so are the smiles.

These 15 offbeat thoughts on life will surely bring a scintillating smile on your face and will redefine your perspective towards life.

1. We mature with the damage, not with the years.

2. You don’t have to be positive all the time. It’s perfectly okay to feel sad, irritated, annoyed, frustrated, scared, or anxious. Having feelings doesn’t make you a ‘Negative Person’. It makes you Human.

3. Monsters are real and they look like people.

4. I like people with depth. I like people with emotions. I like people with a strong mind, an interesting mind, a twisted mind, and also people that can make me smile.

5. All Single People are not really single. They have some untold stories.

6. A wise woman once said, “Fuck this shit” and she lived happily ever after.

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7. “You think you know me? Think again.” – Scorpio

8. Just hold on. God knows what he’s doing.

9. You don’t know this new me; I put back my pieces differently.

10. “You will never understand the damage you did to someone until the same thing is done to you. That’s why I’m here.” – Karma

11. Don’t over think life. Trust that you made the right decision and keep moving.

12. The more I find myself, the more people I lose.

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13. Sometimes all we need to feel happy is just the warmth of someone’s arms telling us, “Hey, don’t worry! I’m with you!”

14. If you feel too tired to speak, just sit next to me. Because I, too, am fluent in silence.

15. Sometimes miracles are just good people with kind hearts

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13 Benefits of Marrying An Imperfect Woman – Like *Myself*

Ritika Bhateja Collage the Vogue Vista

Dear Future Husband,

I am pretty sure that I’m not your dream girl (I’m not Deepika Padukone/Alia Bhatt/Jacqueline after all!) but, trust me, I am the girl who will walk with you to achieve your dreams, apart from the one mentioned above *rolls eyes*.

I am not perfect, but I’ll make sure that our lives are. You’ll have the freedom you need and the space you deserve. Each day with me would be one hell of a ride and yet when you come home, I’ll welcome you with open arms and twinkling eyes. I’ll bid you a warm goodbye when either of us leaves for work, and will not bombard you with those love-filled messages or calls (mostly *wink*). I’ll let you work in peace because that’s what I want from you and together I know, we can make this happen.

You may be scared of marriage and so am I, but marrying an imperfect woman (like *Me*) comes with some added benefits 🙂

1. I’ll not have the same opinion and perspective towards life, and might even have a completely opposite lifestyle, but I’ll not judge you for being who you are and for having dreams that seem worldly impossible.

… Because I know you’ll respect my opinions and make an attempt to understand them.

2. Well, I won’t lie here. I’ll take some time to get ready and dressed up, but when I’m done I’ll look like a proper patola as in total bombshell and I’m going to swoon you in my love each time it happens.

It’ll be worth every second of the wait, you bet!

13 Benefits of Marrying An Imperfect Woman – Like *Me*

3. Obviously, I will miss my parents and sometimes resort to crying about being away from them. But none of it will affect the relationship I have with your parents. I’ll love and respect them like my own.

… And I know you’ll make equally enough efforts with my parents too.

4. I might perhaps never be able to cook the earth shaped Rotis, but I’ll accompany you to the best food joints in the city and we’ll eat everything the world has to offer.

Discovering and exploring new places, and trying exotic yet delicious delicacies – that’s the dream, right?

*Update* I started cooking and I’m really enjoying it, recently turned into a healthy lifestyle sorta person.

5. I will argue with you and confront you each time I feel the need, but I’ll never bottle up my emotions, nor let bitterness brew and affect our relationship…

… Because I’m conscious of the fact that an ideal relationship needs constant renovation. I will never give up on ‘us’.

 13 Benefits of Marrying An Imperfect Woman – Like *Me*

6. There would be times I totally screw up and commit blunders, but I promise, instead of running away from them, I’ll accept them and apologize for them!

… For ‘you’ and ‘our relationship’ mean a lot more than my ego!

7. Often than not, I’ll crib, cry and even complain about the world to you, but each time you’ll need to vent, I’ll be the strong shoulder for you.

I’ll let you unburden yourself and will understand you because I know it’s not a perfect world out there, and we all need time to cool off.

8. I’ll never let a day slip away without creating lasting memories with you. From notes to cards, hugs to kisses, I’ll make every moment special for you.

Because all these memories will make us adore each other even more.

13 Benefits of Marrying An Imperfect Woman – Like *Me*

9. With me you’ll always feel handsome, hot, brave, wanted, needed… I’ll treat you exactly as I want you to treat me, never a percent less

We don’t have to wait for the world to validate, as long as we are perfect for each other.

10. I might get too overwhelmed with my emotions at times, and suffer from cryptic mood swings, but I’ll calm down the moment you say, “babe I’m here with you.”

That’s all I would need then!

11. I will understand your hardships and stand by you and help you endure.

For I have tasted failure too, and I know what it feels like, but even more, I’ve picked myself up and breathed. And as one, we’ll do the same for you.

12. I don’t expect rather want you to be perfect either – that’s too much of a burden to handle.

I’ll rather accept you exactly the way you are – weird, flawed and genuine, like me!

13. And of course, the greatest advantage of getting married to an imperfect woman like myself is that you’ll be spending your life with someone who is authentic and transparent in her thoughts and actions.

…For my flaws and imperfections make me unique and one of my kind.

And a flawed original is still better than a perfect duplicate, right?

Forever Yours,
Imperfect Future Wife.

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Perfect Outfit To Impress Your Man On A Date

A woman at the beach | the Vogue Vista

Dates are the most exciting thing for both male and female because it is the step that evokes the feeling of love between two. People, especially women, for whom the ‘date’ thing is quite a regular thing, know how to talk, what to wear, what things to do to impress the other person.

But for women who are going on their first date or are really nervous to impress their date, have this one question that perplexes their minds ‘how to impress your partner on a date’.

dress for a date
Via –

For ladies, selecting a perfect dress is for an event is the crux of the matter, especially when it comes to dates. But now you don’t have to worry anymore as there are some perfect outfits that will definitely make the man love you more.

Be a little more glamorous

Glamourous Gown for a date evening

Going to a night party or special romantic night date, pick out something more glamorous to show the best version of you to your boyfriend. Carry an elegant dress with perfect makeup and stilettoes and you are ready to impress your man.

Jumpsuit for your Comfort

Jumpsuit for date ideas If you are looking for a perfect outfit that will take care of your comfort level then there is nothing more comfortable than a jumpsuit. From a casual date to a special one, you can carry a jumpsuit for any kind of date and still maintain your dignity.

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Strapless for Beautiful Arms

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There are a number of stunning strapless tops and dresses that you can wear when you are going to meet your lover. Strapless dresses not only will unveil your beautiful arms but also turn out to be something alluring for a date.

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Expose your Sexy Legs with a Short Dress

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Show your boyfriend your amazing legs with a remarkable dress. A short dress is the one that you can wear for any place may it be a nightclub, a restaurant or a cafe. All you have to do is pick the dress for which you are complimented the most and you are all set for the date.

Wrapping it up

Now, just pick out the best outfit and create best moments with your man.

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Makeup Products Every Indian Girl Should Carry

Makeup is not just a layer on your skin but it’s an art through which you can enhance your natural beauty. You may not be an expert in doing makeup but, you still re very fond of it. Especially for girls in India, there are some products which become necessary to apply as they go out.
So, as a gift to Indian beauty, here are some products which every Indian girl should carry in her purse.

Kajal should always be there

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Kajal is not only a makeup product but a tradition which every Indian girl love to follow. Elders use to put Kajal in every Indian girl’s eye since the day she was a baby. It is believed that it will make the eye more beautiful and enlarge it.

Lip balm for beautiful lips

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As a traditional medicated kajal is essential for the eyes, a lip balm is necessary to take care of your lips. With changing season, lips become more dry and harsh. For such seasonal problems, a lip balm becomes a significant thing to be carried by every India girl.

Eyeliner for magnificent eyes

Anything that cannot be expressed through the mouth, eyes can do the job. And for an Indian girl, its the most significant to decorate. Along with Kajal, eyeliner is also necessary to make the eyes look more mysterious.

Beautify the skin with BB cream

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However, Indian girls usually have defined skin but somehow, it becomes important to enhance the beauty of the skin. For that purpose, a BB cream is significant, especially when it is applied according to the skin tone and skin type.

Nail Polish for stunning hands

As far as makeup is concerned, a girl should have beautiful hands along with the stunning face. A nail color is not only something that enhances the beauty of hands but, also necessary for nails as it works as a medication. Therefore, it will keep your nails look beautiful and feel beautiful.

Wrapping up

So, no matter how concerned you are about your looks, you should be able to show the world how beautiful you can be with such minimal makeup products.