Different Kinds of Blouse Back Neck Designs with Borders

You selected the gorgeous designer saree from the celebrity inspired catalogs, and the next exciting thing that pops in your mind instantaneously is the blouse. The perfect blend of graceful and sensual design is what every woman aspires for her outfit as it helps to enhance the overall appearance of the ensemble.

So, here we are with some of the most fashionable and picture-perfect blouse back neck designs with borders. Go through our designer blouse catalog with excellent patterns, and don’t forget to star it!  

  1. The Sheer Back Blouse

The timeless Sheer back blouse looks stunning in almost all colors and the see-through back adds a sexy yet vintage charm to your saree or lehnga. This sheer black blouse with full sleeves is an example of class, royalty and style.  

Source: Pinterst

You can wear sheer back blouses with almost any outfit (i.e. western or Indian sarees) and on any occasion like a wedding, engagement or cocktail event. Adorn the outfit with minimal accessories —a classic pair of studs, hair tied in a bun and Smokey eyes.

2. Mirror embellished back neck design Blouse

The mirror embellished back neck design blouse adds an elegant touch of ancient tradition to your attire. For those of you who wish to portrait out their beautiful back and waist, it’s an excellent design to wear.

Priyanka chopra in mirror embellished back

These mirrors embellished back neck blouses look best in bright colors such as orange, yellow, pink, blue and green. However, some look excellent with Golden or Silver shimmery Saree.

You can wear these cholis on a saree or even with a pair of faded blue jeans to add a modern twist to your outfit. Edgy, classy and boho – this youthful design is best for mehndi, engagements and other glitzy events.

3. Pot Neck back blouse design

As the name suggests, these blouses have a pot-shaped back neckline. Albeit common, this design has never gone out of fashion. Because of its feminine and elegant design, many women prefer this design in their sarees as well as suits.

Pot Neck back blouse design
Source: Youtube

With attached dori and latkans, this is a classic design for cheerful festivities such as Navratras, Mehndi and Ladies Sangeet. You can accessorize it with jhumkis, hair updo and potli purse.

4. Rocket cut back blouse pattern

With the Rocket cut back neck blouse design, you can show off your slender back. This is a bold and modern cut design which will add an elegant charm to your saree. This design works best on silk sarees, and is well-suited for leaner and taller women.

Rocket Cut Back Blouse Pattern
Source: Vogue

At the time of stitching, you can ask your tailor to embellish the back with either sequins or colored piping. A lace border or delicate applique will also enhance the look of the blouse. You can wear this design to any family occasion or a casual party.

5. Butterfly back neck blouse design

The butterfly back design can ideally be donned by all ages and can be used to add a modern and chic look to any saree, suit or lehenga. It has a unique eye-catchy design which helps to balance out heavy shoulders and provides an overall balanced look of the wearer.

Butterfly back neck blouse design
Source: Bling Sparkle

These designs can be further embellished using decorative piping on straps, colored Doris or delicate lace on the borderline of the neck. Ideally suited for curvaceous women, these designs are best worn during weddings or parties.

6. Boat Neck Back Blouse Design

This is another classic back design which suits almost every body type. A deep boat shape is cut on the back and it provides a slimming effect to the attire.

Boat Neck Back Blouse Design
Source: FashionLady

The design can further be enhanced using stonework, decorative piping, sequins, or rich and colorful embroidery. It’s a simple yet an excellent alternative to the old boring back designs and can be worn on cocktail dinners as well as party outfits.

7. String Style Back Neck Blouse Design

Dating back to the 90s, the string style back neck design has been quite a ravishing trend. It gives your blouse the look of a corset top. There are multiple threads in the   back which are tied in a crisscross manner and these ends of the thread can be adorned with tassels or embroidered beads.

String Style Back Neck Blouse Design
Source: Vogue

The big open back provides a slimming effect to the whole outfit and can be worn on silk/ georgette sarees and lehengas during weddings/receptions, anniversary celebrations or cocktail parties. Mostly suited for curvy women for a stylish and sultry look.

Wrapping Up

Even though piping, tassels, brooches, sequins, and mesh can be used to transform a simple blouse, a decorative and intricate design takes the outfit to a whole other level. Of all the designs mentioned above, you may choose any based on the event, and body type.

While making the choice, most significantly remember, comfort is the key to style, and you must feel at ease in whatever you wear. So, go ahead and pick a pattern that defines your style and gives you confidence and pride while you wear it. Also, if you feel confused about choosing the right one, consult a professional designer or fashion expert for guidance.

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